Georgia Canes expect nothing short of championship in final season


With four championship rings in four different leagues in six seasons, the Georgia Canes have certainly reached the pinnacle of the developmental football world. With not much more to accomplish, owner Coach Disco has decided to cease operations following the upcoming 2016 season.

“After this season, I’m shutting everything down,” Disco told DFUSA.

The Canes have played six seasons since 2011, playing year round during their first three years before shifting to a Spring-only schedule these last two.

“We’ve been ranked nationally,” Disco said. “First in the nation for three years and we dropped off to 16th after three years. We lost to the Augusta Ducks recently and went from No. 4 to No. 16. We won the championship our first year in existence and won three years in a row.”

All too familiar with being on top, the Canes expect nothing less than to shut the door on their storied history with yet another championship ring.

“We’ve got the pieces in place,” Disco said. “We’re number one in our league right now. I’ve got 12 new guys and 48 returning.”


Last season the Canes saw the championship slip away in the final minutes of the game against the Prichard Falcons after being up by four with less than a minute left in the game.

“Our quarterback did something real stupid and cost us the championship,” Disco said. “They had no timeouts left and the ref told us to hike the ball and take a knee. Our quarterback decided to hike the ball, then run to their sideline and talk trash and he dropped the ball.”

The Falcons ended up scoring in that final minute to snatch the championship right out of the Canes’ hands. This year, the Canes could be better than ever and look poised to make another run at the title.

‘I’ve got probably the best receiver in the league named Jimmy Howard – he played at West Georgia,” Disco said. “I’ve got a linebacker named DJ that played at Alabama State. Tavaris Johnson plays defensive end, maybe the baddest defensive end in semipro. I got a coaching staff that all played at the next level.”

Toting the rock for the Canes is none other than former Clemson Tiger, Washington Redskin and Cleveland Brown, James Davis.

“We’ve got about 15 former D-1 guys out here,” Disco said.

At this point, one team appears to be the biggest obstacle standing in the Canes’ way of an APDFL title.

“The Henry County Horseman is a good ball club,” Disco said. “That’s pretty much it. Outside of the bracket, I don’t see anyone else being problems.”

Aside from winning several championships, Disco will forever have a lasting memory of the younger players he has helped advance their football careers.


“We’ve put six in college, but they sat out a couple of years after high school,” Disco said. “They used their game film and got scholarships to college. That’s the part of this I’m going to miss most, helping guys get to college.”

The Georgia Canes have sent players to Savannah State, Jacksonville State, Kennesaw State and also had one make the Miami Dolphins practice squad.

  1. Darius Ellis Reply

    My times with the canes was amazing all the coaches made me a better man and a better player especially coach Zach, Clemson All Star, and head coach Disco!! Thank Ysll thid ny ladt season. Playing as well ill see yall soon

  2. Kendra & Ari Houston aka MLK Reply

    Canes for life. We love & miss y’all.

  3. Coach Moore Reply

    Home Of The Champions! #Cane4Life

  4. Maru Govea Reply

    Very proud of what you, and the Georgia Canes, were able to accomplish!!! Great team with wonderful family ties and feelings….Brotherhood that will never be duplicated!!!!
    Love you Son….Love my Canes!!!
    #canesmom #canesnation

  5. BJ Woods Reply

    Canes 4 life!!!

  6. Chris colbert Reply

    Once a CANE always a CANE. Always Family!

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Georgia Canes expect nothing short of championship in final season

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